Green Tea Catechin + Probiotics

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칼로바이 프리미엄 녹차 카테킨 유산균 
CALOBYE高级版 | 绿茶儿茶素 + 益生菌 1个月
CALOBYE Premium | Green Tea Catechin + Probiotics 1 Month

60 pouches

What it is:
CALOBYE Catechin + Probiotics is slimming probiotics health supplement made from 100% natural ingredients to help you with slimming down, reducing body fat, and boosting intestinal health. It’s safe-guaranteed health supplement manufactured in GMP factory and registered in KFDA.

Solutions for:
- Weight loss and slimming
- Constipation
- Digestive problems

How to use:
10-15min before meal - once a day
(If you are sensitive with green tea caffeine, it's recommended to take after meal.)
One pouch has two green tea catechin tablets and one probiotics pill.
Take one by one with generous amount of water. 

When to expect results:
3 months
(*You can get better effect from it when you get healthier diet and exercise at the same time.)


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About the Brand:
CALOBYE is a Korean healthcare company specializing in the development of advanced health & beauty cosmetic supplements and food for distribution through big department stores in Korea and worldwide.

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